Monday, May 18, 2009

Two girl party, me and Mona.

      I am soooooo stoned! This guy came in from Oregon and wanted a two girl party so me and Mona split the date. I don't mind being with a girl, especially for money. Mona is real pretty like an Indian girl. She's from New Mexico, moved to Nevada to look for work in some company but after doin' the office admin job for a while she wanted something less boring. She said she dared herself to look into the bunny ranch. Now she loves her job!

I'm trying not to think about cocaine tonight. For some reason I want to get high. I saw Roberta snortin' a line earlier and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Why does it matter if I destroy my life with drugs? What's it worth anyhow? What am I worth? Apparently about $100 an hour plus tip. For a Kentucky girl with a GED and no mother $100 is pretty good. Jules says I'm awesome and should not think this way but she doesn't understand when I get depressed, I feel terrible. Tuesday will be better.  

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