Sunday, May 10, 2009

Earl went to jail :(

More damn jail drama has found me! After dinner the other night, which was a lot of fun, we went back to Earl's house. He lives in the Hollywood hills in the most beautiful house. We all went skinny-dippin' in his pool jacuzzi thing on his patio. It was the best, he had champagne for us and we laughed and had the best time all night. He took us back to the motel and just as he was leavin' he got pulled over and arrested for picking up prostitutes!! WTF!! I am so sorry Earl went to jail. He's 81 years old! We got him out, but still it took a long time to get out of LA county jail. Hope we can still be friends with him.

Today is Mothers Day and I don't have one so I called aunt Gaynelle and wished her a Happy Mothers day. I never knew my mother she left when I was born. I really don't care to know her. I talked to daddy he was at aunt Gaynelles for dinner. He's lonely, every now and then he'll get a girlfriend for a short time but they don't stick around. I'm gonna send him some porno movies from this store on the corner. I know that sounds weird but I look at for him like that.

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