Sunday, May 10, 2009

This holiday hustle.

    Not much happened today.  I went to the strip club and made a little money but I don't like it there.  I keep shopping and spending my money on shoes for work but I ain't working that much.  No calls today from our ads, just an average holiday.  Almost all holidays are quite for us "workin" girls.  I might get dressed up and hit the corner over near Santa Monica where I saw some other girls walkin'.  Jules slept most of the day so I just hung out by myself.  That's why me and Jules are such good friends we don't need to be constantly do somethin' together.

    I'm wanting to go back to the bunny ranch.  Jules likes it here and I do too, but it's hard hustlin' on your own everyday and this nasty motel is givin' me the hebee-gebees.  I did find this dope boy that lives here and he'll sell me nicks or dimes whenever, all I got to do is knock on his door.  His momma can get it if he ain't there he said.  I'm gonna finish this beer and go to bed I guess, Monday will bring a good day.


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