Friday, May 8, 2009

I punched a girl at the strip bar :(

   Tonight was the night from hell!  Me and this girl from the strip club got into it and I blacked her eye!  She kept makin' fun of me and said I was a redneck, which I am, and other nasty things like my daddy was probably my boyfriend and I lost it and popped her in her eye!!  The manager made us both leave.  Fuck that dump, I can work anywhere.

  Jules thinks it's funny that I hit that girl.  It is kinda!  She said we could just run ads and make money which is true I don't mind "datin" sure is easier on the feet.  Daddy called me and wanted to know how the hotel job was.  I hate lyin' to him.  I'm feeling like going back to Vegas already, it's cool here but there is too many uppity bitches everywhere.  I'm just gonna do mine and Jules's laundry and chill out.  Tomorrow I'll catch a date or go to another strip club. No big deal!

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