Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look at my new boots!

   We went shopping today!  Jules spent the morning settin' up ads for dates while I slept, I'm not as young as I use to be, dancing in 5' heels wears me out!  She finally got me up and we shopped along Venice beach and I got some new camo sexy boots!!!  They're more comfortable then those crazy shoes I been wearin'.  Me and Jules have been talking about "movin" to this youth hostel on Venice beach.  It sounds cool this hippy guy told use about it, you share a room with other girls but it's cheap as hell and everybody hangs together and parties and stuff it sounds fun!

    I mailed the postcard to daddy today.  I told him all about Venice beach, the muscle beach, all the shops and the weather.  I wish he could see this.  He'd love it here.  I did called my aunt Gaynelle and spoke to her for a minute.  She has to go have surgery on her toe to have an ingrown toenail removed.  That's the excitement in Paris, Kentucky!  I'm not working tonight so me and Jules are going to this bar we saw a bunch of people at earlier.   I believe I need a night out to work on my pool playin' and break these new boots in!

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