Friday, May 8, 2009

Picked up a date first thing today.

   Today is looking pretty good so far!  I put an ad out there for a Friday morning special and just like that I got a call!  Just a quick date but it's money and I need it.  Jules has been out with this guy twice since she got in town.  He likes her baby face :)  He seems cool, older and lonely with plenty of time on his hands.  Jules can talk a mile about something or nothin' and he needs that I guess, well among things!  We keep trying to convince him we should have a two girl party but I think he's afraid we'll rob him.

 My cousin Jessica called me.  She's going into the FFA, (Future Farmers of America) she's doin' it to be around the boys.  I am so afraid she'll end up pregnant before she needs to be.  She developed early and has big ol' boobies and a big butt.  Men love to flirt with her and she just turned 14!  She's been helping aunt Gaynelle get around after her surgery.  Jessica looks up to me and always has, I sent her a postcard today with a picture of the Hollywood sign on it.  She'll love that.

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