Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's party time LA style!!

   The last few days have been like a weird dream.  I'm somewhere I've never been, alone and I don't really care what happens to me!  Everything has been pretty good though, I was able to get right back on my feet.  I spoke with the house momma at the bunny ranch and she said I can come back at the end of the month for a week and work if I want.  That's just great in my book!  I'm gonna vacation and party and live it up in Los Angeles with Jules!  Even though Willie fucked me over, it turned around in my favor!  

  I am dancing at a sleazy bar! It is one of them touchy-feely places.  I don't mind really, the more I touchy the more I makey!!!  Hell once you work as a "working" girl you cross a line,  you've kinda "sold" that part of your body so bein's it's sold you don't feel it anymore.  That probably don't make much since, I've been on a week long drunk.  Jules come here just for me!  We're good friends and I'm sooooo glad she's here!  We are going shopping today, we're going to have a blast here in Los Ang-e-les!!!   


DAVE BONES said...

I love your blog. It is fuckin crazy. You take care.

Mary said...

Oh thank you so much! Ever since rehab it's truly kept me going!