Monday, May 4, 2009

Jules got tattooed at the beach!

   What a weekend!  Jules got a tattoo at the beach! Who ever would have thought you could do such a thing??  My new favorite place is Venus Beach!!  Men work out there!  So much excitement it reminds me of Daytona beach in a way, but it's better here.  We spent the whole day there.  I'm getting so tan soon you'll think I was born here, except everyone trips out over my accent which I do not notice.  

   While Jules was gettin' tattooed I called daddy.  He sounds depressed.  I don't know what's wrong with him he just says he's fine.  I feel guilty having all this fun in my life while his life has been Paris, Kentucky for the last 55.  I pour beer on it over and over but I still feel guilty.  I'm sending him a postcard tomorrow, maybe that will pick up his spirits.  Dancin' on a bar later need more money, but I'm happy right now :)

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