Friday, May 1, 2009

This country girl can survive!

    Well I worked damn hard for my money last night.  These fancy LA men like their women to look different then me.  If I'm gonna make some money here I noticed I need a tan, bigger boobs (which ain't gonna happen over night!) and some blond hair!  I saw a blond wig at Trashy and I'm going back to get it!  Then I'm taking the bus over to the beach.  You can't keep this Kentucky girl down!

  I didn't make any friends last night neither.  These bitches don't speak they just are here to get their money and get out.  They all look like drug addicts.  Heroin must be the big thing here.  I don't need no girlfriends, I look at this as a vacation!  I paid my time up here at this nasty motel for a few more days,  I need to make a fast $500.  I did speak to Jules, she is freakin' out!  She said she was going over to kick Willies ass then coming here to get me!  I love her!

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LazyKing said...

hahah I love this blog,
but i dont know how to react to this post