Saturday, May 23, 2009

Locked up, but not for long.

   Well, guess where I've been??  Locked up in jail :(  I know what I should've been doing but I can't stay anywhere and behave too long.  After I went out and got back to work at the bunny ranch as always I got bored with my life so I bucked.  I been feelin' it coming.  I went in to Vegas and found this guy that would serve me hard, crack for anyone who isn't an addict.  I stayed by myself and smoked crack for two days.  I'm so pathetic.  I wish it would have killed me.  After I ran outta money I went out on the street looking for someone.  That's when I got arrested prostitution and possession of paraphernalia.

   I got out on a ROR with a court date in about a month.  I don't plan on bein' here to make that court date.  Maybe I'll go to Alaska?  I'm movin' on for sure.  Jules is worried about me but if she don't want to go I'm goin' alone.  Hell I've been homeless, beat up, rapped, and left behind.  Nothing is permanent, it's all about where you're happy and I love Las Vegas but this isn't what I want after all.  So I'll check and see how much I've got saved up and be out soon.  Something new is waitin' on me!


Ryan said...

You're a really talented writer. You could definitely make a living out of it. I don't think you realise that. Not everyone has your talent. It's not $500 a night or whatever but would be much more fulfilling.

April said...

Thank you so much! I would love to do something besides be a whore! Have a real good weekend!!