Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Francisco is were we part with Mario!

   We finally made it to San Francisco.  It's nice here.  All the streets are straight up or straight down!  We went to have ice cream at the first Ben & Jerry's and we talked to some hippies and it's cool so far but I'm thinkin' we'll dip on Mario soon.  He's gettin' weirder by the day.  I called daddy and had a long talk about leaving the bunny ranch and headin' to San Francisco.  He's not worried about me, he knows I can handle myself.  He really wants me and Jules to come to Kentucky and we might who knows???
    We're in the mission for a few days.  I'm eatin' the best burrito I swear I've ever had in my life, It's cheap and it's huge!!  This is a rough area, lots of hookers and dope dealers.  Heroin is big here, if I was alone here I could get messed up bad.  Jules don't do drugs, she just smokes weed and drinks so she'll keep me straight.  I don't have a jacket but I damn sure need one.  It's cold here!  I got to talk to Jules private about dippin' on Mario, I can tell she's tired of him and his hippie weirdness!

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