Monday, June 1, 2009

Hitchin' a ride, stayin' in a dump.

   I've been on the road for days it seems and we just made it out of  California! Hitchin' a ride ain't never been this hard!  We finally got picked up by some kids drivin' east to see New York.  I have always wanted to see it too.  Daddy went there once as a truck driver and said it was real nasty but hell that was 25 years ago, things change!  

  We found a dump to stay at near the hi-way for $49 a night.  I don't want to stay too long that eats up you money fast but the shower sure feels good.  Daddy wants us to come there and I think we will for a minute.  Jules is outside trying to find us a ride outta here tomorrow.  Any trucker that's not an asshole will carry us.  If I had too I'd break 'em off a little, hell it's easier on the feet then walking to Kentucky!!  I'm in a good mood, I love traveling!  Jules keeps me laughing all the time.  She is a trip! 

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