Friday, June 26, 2009

Check him out!!!!

Of all things, I got a boyfriend! Last night at work this guy came in and watched me dance for about two hours, I made about $100 off him. After an extra long lap-dance I sat and talked to him he's a tow truck driver here in Daytona. I think he's real handsome and he loves Nascar like daddy and he's strong like daddy they even like Crown Royal the same. My daddy would like him, he's a mans man! Every time I say that Danny laughs!

Men I meet at strip bars are usually full of shit and lies. Roger the tow truck driver, said he'd meet me on the beach today and we'd hang-out. Yeah right, I was suppose to meet him at the Pier, I did not I went out on the beach and laid out to get more sun. Here he comes riding down the beach lookin' for me! Ha! When he pulled up I was so shocked all I could do was laugh! We are going to the Ocean Deck later for some lunch and a beer or two. Who saw this happenin' to me?????

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