Thursday, June 25, 2009

Danny got a job at Krispy Kreme!

You will not believe this!??? Danny went to get some donuts and got a job! He has never worked anywhere before! He said it looked fun, and you know he talks to every damn buddy, the next thing you know he's coming back to the hotel with a paper hat and a t-shirt to start workin' tomorrow! I have to say it, he's excited! His momma don't get it, he wants a life of his own so he takes off to Daytona and next thing you know he gets a job. She is so upset, she thinks he'll never come home and she'll die alone.

I guess I'm doing okay. Same old thing, I've danced on many bars and its always the same. Drunks are the same everywhere you go. This place won't let you be topless so I bought a couple of skimpy bikini's and those camo boots I got is just killin' em! Jules is wanting to dance I think, dating here is risky and the ads are slow. I'm hittin' the beach tomorrow and getting my tan darker. I really love bein' near the beach.

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