Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm happy here :)

Life is just a fantastic day at the beach! I really love it here and now I got a man, my life is great! I wish the whole world could see me in my new bikini, it is hot!! Roger bought it for me, he wanted a free lap dance and I told him it would cost him a new bikini, so he went out and got it! It's black, one of my favorite colors with string sides, it's very skimpy.

I've been a little busy with work and Roger. Jules is working a lot too, she has a few new "friends" (older lonely men) who need a "date" here and there. This motel is still fun too, I'm usually moved onto a new one by now. Danny has already quit his job. He ain't use to workin' and donuts are sticky and dirty and he don't want to be neither one! I'm afraid he's thinkin' about going back to Kentucky. He talks to his momma every day and she begs him to come home. I talked to daddy and he said Ms Parker is so lost without him. I didn't tell Danny that. Daddys happy for me, he wants to come down here for the Pepsi 400 at the speedway. If he can sell some of Patsy's puppies, she's his old bull dog that had babies about a month ago, he'll be here this weekend! I'd love to see my daddy and introduce him to Roger!

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