Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicken and dumplin's for dinner!

   We made it to Kentucky and I am glad of it!  This trip home was long and hard.  Jules and my daddy hit it off real good.  It's like they've know each other for years!  My Aunt Gaynelle made a big dinner for us tonight; collard greens, chicken and dumplins,  sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, corn bread, tomatoes and onions and banana puddin'!  We ate like we was starved!  I think my cousin Cody likes Jules he's come here off and on all day and night since we got home!  He's slow but you can't really notice it until he tries to read.  It's nice to be home with my daddy.

   I know we just got here but, I'm already tryin' to figure out my next step.  We'll stay here a week or so but I want to get going somewhere soon.  Maybe New York? Maybe back to Florida?  I love Florida and if I went back there I got a bunch of friends there.  I don't know yet but I am gonna rest and get my shit together before I figure it out!

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