Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crown Royal at the Oasis has left me hurtin'!

     I am hung-o-ver!  Me and Crown Royal are not feelin' royal today.  The Oasis is one of my favorite bars, it's a dump but I know everyone there.  So many people I haven't seen in years were there, still the same nothing new about 'em.  Hell even their hair is the same as it was in high school.  I started out drinking beer but then daddy wanted us all to drink Crown with him and let me tell you we did!  Jules got so drunk she bet this guy Gary, my daddy works with him off and on, that if she couldn't keep up with him drink to drink she'd cut her hair into a mohawk.  She lost!  I knew she couldn't do it, hell that Gary weighs over 300 lbs. 

   Everything here is about eatin'.  Three meals a day, who's house for dinner, lots of food.  I got over that bein' out on the road, hell you're lucky to eat once a day and it comes from a microwave for the most part. I was gettin' use to coffee bein' your first meal of the day!  The reasons I left are in my face sooner then my last visit.  Today my head is not workin' but tomorrow I'm gettin' it together.  I need to make some money and I hate to "work" in my home town, too many people know me.  Jules can't work with that hair so I don't know what we'll do.  That hasn't stopped me so far.


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