Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lookin' forward to seein' Jessica :)

   Yawnnnnn.... I've done nothing but sleep and carrying my headache around all day.  I swear if I live through today I will never drink Crown Royal again!  My aunt Gaynelle is cooking again tonight.  I'm so hungry but I afraid if I eat I'll puke.  Jessica is coming to see me tonight, aunt Gaynelles daughter, she is my favorite cousin.  I can't believe she is only 14, she looks so much older.  Daddy says I look worried about something.  I think he knows what I've been doing for "work".  In a way I miss working at the bunny ranch, I had a good thing goin' there. I ain't never made so much money at a job, but there has to be something else I can do and be good at besides sellin' my ass!

   Jessica looks up to me.  No one else in this world does that.  Most people when they see how I make a living consider me trash.  Hell I've always been considered trash!  One time when I was in 10th grade I dated Daniel Bouey, his momma did not like me.  She told him I would never be  nothin'  and about as useful as "tits on a boar hog".  I was waiting outside on his porch when I heard that I can still hear it clear like it was yesterday.  That bitch is old now but her word haven't aged a bit.  

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