Monday, June 22, 2009

Hustlin' at The Sharks Lounge.

Well today was fun! I went all over Daytona on the bus with Danny and some girl from the hotel. She is tryin' to find a job and she won't dance, so she wants to work as a waitress or as a housekeeper. She is from Daytona and is so down and out, her man is outta work too 'cause he's a drunk. I've been busy tonight making some money. The Sharks Lounge is good for me, I'm doing good there and it's only about three blocks from the hotel!

I finally called daddy. I kinda left on bad terms. He wasn't mad but was short with me on the phone. Ms. Parker is driving he and Aunt Gaynelle crazy, always needing something. Danny has been with her his whole life and she don't know what to do with out him. Daddy figured out I'm dancin' and he hates it. He keeps telling me to go back to the bunny ranch, does he really think I'm working in the kitchen there?? He has to know what I was doing there! Damn, bakers don't make $2,500 + a week!

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