Sunday, June 21, 2009

Danny puts everything on his head.

I am so sun burnt. I just want to lay on my back in the cool and not move. A lot like working at the bunny ranch!! Hahaha lol!!! Ouch, just typing hurts. Danny has been making me laugh I had an idea he was gay and it turns out he is. I just know these kinda things about people. Jules went and set up an ad to see if she can make some money. We need it real bad. I'm going to dance at a place called the Sharks Lounge. It's a dump but I'm the prettiest one there so I should do good.

Danny run me up to the Goodwill store to find so sexy dancing shoes and clothes. I found some stuff and he put everything on this head. Why I do not know but he is a funny mother fucker! The owner of the Pleasure Isle motel said we could get a good rate for a month but it would have to be paid in full. Me and Jules are tryin' to convince Danny to put it on his credit card and will pay him cash back. It won't take much convincin' he don't want to go back to Kentucky.

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