Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love Daytona Beach!!!!!!!

   Well we made it!  Other then stopping to pee Danny drove straight through.  We are staying at the  Pleasure Isle motel, it's old and smells nasty but I burned some incense I got in LA and it covered it up some.  Jules has been sleepin' the whole time, she don't like to sleep in a moving vehicle she said it makes her sick feelin'.  We checked-in and I went straight to the beach.  It calms me down.  

      Danny is everywhere I go, he's funny and makes me giggle.  We're the best of pals!  I think Danny is gay.  He just don't seem "interested" in women, I mean he likes me and after bein' around him for a few days I see that he likes me but not in that way.  He can't be slow he is smart and likes to read I found out he has been reading big books from authors who do college classes and stuff.  He has a lap top too, and knows how to do things on it, like fix it when it breaks!  I ain't been around him a lot since we was in middle school so I guess he has changed, or I have!  The beach is awesome, this is going to be good for me!

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