Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day of beauty with slurpee's and spaghetti!

   Happy Saturday!  Today has been a lot of fun so far.  Me and Jules and my cousin Jessica are having a day of beauty; facial mud masks, haircuts, and I did everyone's eyebrows!  Next is fingernails and toenails and an orange slurpee, my favorite part of beauty day :)  We're at aunt Gaynelle's house I'm cooking for her today since she's workin' up at the Kroger's all day.  She'll be surprised when she gets home to a whole pot of spaghetti ready!  Daddy will be here when he gets done with whatever he's doin' today.  He likes spaghetti too.

   Jules and I finished a 12 pack last night and decided we're leavin' next week one way or the other.  I went over to visit old lady Parker who lives down at the end of daddy's street.  She's lived down there since before I was born, anyway her son has always liked me.  He's a big momma's boy but I have this idea if I ask him to drive me to Daytona Beach he will.  I think I might like to spend some time there.  Danny Parker I hope you're ready for this, I invited him over for spaghetti!

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