Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leaving for Daytona Beach in the morning!

   He's gonna do it!  We're going to Daytona Beach!!!!!!  I am excited to be leaving Kentucky again! Daddy is pissed he thinks I need to stay here and keep his house clean and cook for him.  He needs a damn woman and it ain't gonna be Jules I keep tryin' to tell him that.  He likes her, but he'd like any girl really.  We had drinks last night at the Oasis, look at Jules hair is already grown out! we had fun but I didn't get drunk, I'm ready to leave Kentucky.  No one wants me to leave, they all want me to stay here and be miserable with them. 

  Danny seems excited too, but in a scared kinda way.  He ain't never been outta Kentucky.  He never done a lot of things.  His momma told him he was slow when he was a kid and never has he tried to be anything else.  He get a check each month and that's his traveling money.  We're leaving in the morning, he's taking his momma's car, she don't drive anyhow.  Jessica is gonna help her and Aunt Gaynelle said she'd run her to the store if she needed anything.  Off on another adventure, this is going to be fun I can tell!!

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