Thursday, June 11, 2009

Went swimming today.

   It was so hot today we all went up to the lake swimming.  I was grumpy at first but I think the old lake water soaked into my skin and warmed my blood.  Jules and my cousin fixed the canoe and they went out about half way before it flipped them over and started sinkin'.  She had everyone laughin' with her tryin' to get that damn boat back to the dock!  Anyway, I've been chain smoking since I got home.  Daddy smokes 305's which are nasty, I smoke Marlboro lights those are very different cigarettes.  Daddy don't even care if I smoke the rest of my life, I tell him to quit everyday.  I think there's something wrong with that. 

   The same reasons I always end up leavin' Kentucky are starting to pop up.  I can't make no money here, I will end up fucked up on meth again if I stay here and I don't want my daddy to know how I get my money.  He thinks I'm a baker or a bartender or something in a restaurant.  Maybe he wouldn't care about that either if he found out.  I keep my distance just in case he doesn't care, it would break what's left of my heart.

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