Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rollin' through Utah, starving all the way!

    Of all the places I have been Utah is the weirdest so far!  We're ridin' with a ex-military man carrying a load of skateboards headin' east.  He checked-in to the motel last night and bummed a smoke from Jules. Nice older man named Eddie, said he'd give us a ride as far as he could.  He's married and lives in Mississippi, he told us about his 6 kids and even played cards with us for a while but I could tell he was real tired.  I stayed up all night so as we'd be up when he got ready to go.  Sometimes they'll just say they'll give you a ride then dip out on ya.

    Daddy said to be careful in Utah, to just ride and sleep all the way through it.  I think I'll listen to daddy on that one.  Jules has been chatting with Eddie the whole time.  He likes her company I can tell.  We are runnin' low on cash and I'm tryin' to save it but I'm hungry.  Stealin' is wrong but I gotta eat and so does Jules.  I hope we can get to Kentucky soon!

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