Friday, July 3, 2009

No daddy this weekend :(

Well, I was really hopin' my daddy could come here to Daytona for the 4th of July. He didn't sell any puppies and his check didn't come yet so he won't come. I told the owner of the motel I'm stayin' at that my daddy might come for the weekend. He said he'd give him a good rate, now I got to tell him he ain't coming. He just lost a maid I'm gonna see about doin' that during the daytime for a little extra money Savat is a good man from India or somewhere like it. I know he's married to a Chinese woman but I don't see much of her. She sings at a karaoke sushi place in Port Orange.

I been looking forward to the 4th all week and now it's just gonna be another weekend. There's a lot of people in town, it'll be busy at work. My back hurts from last night, I was swinging around on the pole and I felt my back pop. Bein' a stripper is hard work sometimes! Roger has an ex-wife and she wants him back or at least don't want him with a stripper. He said she came by his house the other day screamin' about his new "lifestyle"and when was he going to come back to his senses. I'm already not in the mood to deal with her!

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