Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Went to Sea World yesterday with Roger!

I gave in. Roger came by an would not leave the door, he just stood there knocking and knocking until it just about woke up the whole place. He brought me a pink teddy bear and a bunch of white carnations with tickets to Sea World in his hand. How could I say no to that? So I let him take me to Sea World and we didn't talk about the night got punched in the eye by his wife! I don't trust him, he's a liar and is married I don't care what he says about being separated.

Daytona is getting old it's about time to move on. Where will I go next? I didn't think much of Orlando it's all yuppie puppy stuffy. I'm gonna talk Danny into driving us somewhere again, he's always ready to go. Jules hasn't made any real "man" friends. Just a few guys who don't pay much and don't call enough to keep her interested. She's the kinda girl who likes rich old men who want to spend it on a girl. Sea World was fun and Roger thinks he's all back in good graces with me but I'm just using him till I move on. I'm no fool.

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