Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good morning hang over....

Oh lord I am hung o-ver....! Last night was a lot of fun we watched the fireworks go off on the beach it was just beautiful. Danny cooked up a beef roast and potatoes in his crock pot. It smelled so good in our room! Everyone come around with cups and bowls for a taste. It was nice to share and see some of our neighbors who we haven't met yet.

I noticed Roger's phone ringing a lot and him clickin' it off. I hope I'm not one of many in a collection of girls he's got. Tonight I have to work, I told my boss I'd come in for a day shift if he needed he said he'd call me. I need more money!!! Daddy said he'd send it if I really needed it but hell I can hustle it with Jules I'm just tryin' not to do that anymore. I'm starving now must eat something to absorb the rum still playin' pirate in my belly!

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