Saturday, July 4, 2009

Slept at Rogers last nice ;)

Well, here it is the 4th of July! I had fun at work last night everyone got drunk and had a good time all the girls made money last night! I stayed at Roger's house. He has a nice place in Port Orange, I saw the deer he killed last year hunting. It was mounted on the wall above his bed. He is very proud of that! When he went to take a shower I found some pictures of his ex-wife, she looked like a fun gal at one time. Thank goodness they ain't got kids, I'm not gettin' between some shit like that!

His trailer is new, has a front porch and a back porch! His kitchen has a dishwasher and the 'fridge is new! Wow, a home! Haven't seen one of these in a while. Jules is worried I might fall for this guy, I tell her we're just friends but she thinks I'm crazy. I spent damn near $100 on fireworks we are going to have a show here at the hotel tonight!! Danny said he's afraid of fireworks, he's so crazy. He went to Goodwill and bought a crock pot and is fixin' us a grand 4th of July feast. He got some watermelon too, that's Jules favorite!!! He's a hell of a cook, I'm sure he'll make something good. Me and Jules and Danny are like a family all of a sudden, I love them. I do miss my daddy, I'm calling him later.

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