Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rogers wife hit me. :(

Yesterday was a total mess. I found out Roger is still married, I met that fact first hand. First one hand in my eye, then the other! Rogers wife, her name is Mary too come at me and tried to kick my ass! She came to my job wantin' to speak to me outside and before I could even step outside she sucker punched me! Roger was there and took her outside, my boss called the cops but she took off. I'm not pressing charges, 'cause it's not how we do things when your from Kentucky. Jules says we'll even the score our own way. Jules said not to worry "I'm gonna beat the breaks off that bitch!" I just got to deal with Roger now. I thought he wasn't a liar like the rest of the men out there.

Why did I let my feelings get hurt? I already know men are no good. Roger tried to bring me flowers and apologize but it's not working. I just want to be left alone. I'm sad and so let down. Jules tries to make me laugh but it ain't working. When it stops raining I'm goin' down to the beach and drink beer at this little bar and watch the waves come and go. Maybe I'll find some peace there.

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