Sunday, July 12, 2009

I need a map.

I don't know what to do today. Depression is weighin' heavy on me. My life never seems to go right. I try and try and work very hard at whatever it is I'm doing, and it never seems to be enough to keep me happy. Daddy hasn't sold any puppies I want to see him. He always makes me feel better. I'll call him later today when he's at Aunt Gaynelle's. Maybe I'll get to talk to Jessica and see what she's been up to.

Last night at the bar this girl got hit in the face with a crowbar. She just had a baby a few weeks ago and was out celebrating. I don't get it she's got 5 kids and still wants to party and run the roads. Is life ever enough for anyone the way it is or are we always looking for greener grass? I'm not a woman that wants babies and a family life like that but you'd think after having 5 kids you'd kinda made your path? My path seems to be a dusty dirt road with no particular direction. Usually there's a bar along the way and a bunch of loser hitch hikers! I don't believe that'll be enough for me, ever.

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