Friday, July 10, 2009

Still got a black eye. Won't talk to Roger.

I've been layin' low for the last few days. I don't get depressed too often but I have been real bummed out lately. Roger has been tryin' to see me, but I just don't want to talk to him. He lied to me and I just don't need that shit in my life. Jules saw his car at the Winn-Dixie and left him a little message. Hope he knows it's from us. He's lucky the parking lot has cameras or Jules would've flattened his damn tires. I haven't felt like working much either, I got a little money and I'll be okay for a few days. Besides my eye is still bruised up. Makes me look trashy dancin' with a black eye.

Daddy called me, he said Aunt Gaynelle is worried to death about Jessica. Bein' that's her only daughter that's not a total fuck up, she gets so protective of her. He said Jessica's going out with her boyfriend and stayin' out real late and Aunt Gaynelle just don't want her to come up pregnant. I tried to talk to Jessica when I was home about messin' up early in life. She should look at her older sister Traci, she dropped out of school somewhere around 9th grade and took up with first this one then that one. Last I heard of Traci she was real messed up on meth. It's everywhere in Kentucky. I want to leave Daytona now and just go somewhere else but it'll be the same everywhere I go. When will I ever stop runnin? Is there a place I can go where everything will be ok?

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