Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loyal to who?

I got out today and went to Walmart. It was nice to be in a crowd of people. I've been saving my money that I get from Bill for washing his clothes and bought some stuff today to fix the clothes Thomas gave me from his wife. I got two cute ladybug patches for the rear pockets of a pair of jeans I cut off and made shorts out of. I'm sure his wife would never ever wear denim short-shorts with lady bug patches on the pockets!! I had to make these clothes mine, I could feel her vibe still in these clothes.

Everyday I spend here makes me wonder why I am here. Not here like here on this planet, here in Texas. I have been through Texas before but never spent any time here. It's real hot. I've been keepin' up with my tan, sleeping a lot and talking on the phone. Thomas called me from Delaware, he had some conference about paper or some shit to go to. While we were talking I could hear a woman giggling in the back ground. See I know the kinda guy he is, he likes hookers. She's probably some working girl who hooked up with him at some convention hotel and is getting paid for the night. Thomas's wife has no idea all the women he's with. Makes me want to find her and tell her so she can test herself and be safe. Is that my place? It's not, but we women do got to stick together. Thomas did help me out a lot when I needed it most but now I feel like a charm on a bracelet that he can jingle whenever he wants. I don't like that.

I might go out drinking tonight to the bar. She'll let me sell jello shots and pay for my bar tab. I like the bikers that hang out there and sometimes I think I could just hop on a bike with one of them and hit the hi-way. See I got a few outs if I need them, Bill is heading out on the road soon to see something in Wyoming, I could catch a ride with him I guess or any of the bikers at the bar. The right solution hasn't come up yet. It will it always does and so far I'll just trust in myself and Jesus it'll come again.


Anonymous said...

Are you still hanging out in Texas?
Hope you are doing well

Mary said...

Hey! I was wondering if you were still out there. I'm here waiting to see what's next :)