Saturday, September 26, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

Oh my lord I am horse in the throat! Jules and me have been talking like high school girls for three days!!! She is talking to me seriously about going back to Nevada and working at the bunny ranch again. I kinda want to go but I got a warrant, for prostitution. I was too embarrassed to go to court for that in the first damn place. She said she could talk Sam out of some plane ticket money. I don't know about that. I need to see my daddy first.

We tried to call Danny but his phone number was out of service. Jules doesn't have a new number for him and I don't want to call Mrs. Parker, his momma for it. She still thinks I'm the devil for leading him away from her. He would have never left his momma and gone out in this world if I hadn't talked him into it. If I get to Kentucky, my daddy will make me go talk to her and I don't think I should tell her about him bein' gay and living with a man in Orlando. Hell I don't know what he's told her anyhow. Back to having a lot to worry about! Texas was so much easier then this.

I'm going to go outside tonight after everyone goes to sleep and stare at the stars. Just look through the clouds and at the moon and relax. I have to lay out the next steps and with Jules yappin' in my ear I don't want to make the wrong step. Why is life like a mine field?

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