Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey y'all, I'm back!

I know it's been a minute but I'm doing good! Me and Jules were traveling and I haven't been on the computer in so long I almost forgot how to type!! She picked me up and we are in New Orleans!!! We had a blast during Mardi Gras and I got a neck full of beads! I wandered into a titty bar on Bourbon St. and got myself a job!!! I know, I know it's not the best of places or careers but I'm making my own money and I got a small apartment off Magazine St. and I'm doing real good!! No drugs, no nothing like that just hustlin' paper in high heals and loving every minute of it!!

Daddy wasn't thrilled with my choice but If I'm not high and I'm working he's okay with it. Jessica is still a little mad at me for not staying in Kentucky but hell, I feel like I found where I'm suppose to be. I've always loved New Orleans but this visit here just put everything in place! I got the job, made $500 in just a few days, and got this apartment from one of the girls that worked with me! She had to leave town and needed someone to take over her lease. Easy enough!!! Jules is going back and forth to see Sam and she helped me get some stuff from Daddy's house to make my apartment look a little more like home. I finally got my computer set up and here I am! Woo wee I haven't had this much to do in a long time!!

I bought new nipple rings that glow in the dark!! Hot neon pink, with a pink thong and silver 5' heels!! I'm so cute in this get up!!! My stage name is "Holly" this week but it changes to suit my mood! Me and the black girls get along great, the other white girls are either chicken head crack hoe's or just mean bitches. Some girl tried to set me up with her pimp! No, not ever doing that game again!! Damn I have come a long way, remember when I got down with that?? Never again!!! I'll be okay this time, I'm feeling good and I'm strong, stronger then I've ever been in my whole life! Be good at something even if it's just being a stripper I'm good at it!


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well with you. Prayers from texas

Mary said...

Hey!!! There you are!! I know I've been out there, just getting settled. Have a real nice St Patty's day!!! Take care!