Thursday, January 14, 2010

The water has settled, the stream is clear.

Well things around here are getting back to normal. Jessica finally come out of her room and cried to me and her momma till she was sure we still loved her. It's okay now, we'll take care of the baby as long as she stays in school. Jimmy's momma was upset at first too, that's the baby daddy. She's okay now too, looking forward to a new baby in the Spring. It's still a shock, I mean hell, she's ain't but 16! Terri is trying to organize a baby shower for her at the Pizza Hut Jessica works at. Something simple, with her girlfriends. I'm gonna make paper butterflies to decorate with, learned how to do that in high school before I dropped out.

I tried to get a job today at this BBQ place in Lexington. They're always so busy and I figured they'd be hiring waitress's but they said they was just taking applications. I'm never gonna get a damn job! The Pizza Hut where Jessica works ain't hiring, no place is I swear I've been everywhere! Jessica said her friend Monique got a job working with a temporary service going to different places everyday. Sounds like my kinda work, so I'm going there tomorrow. I need money and I have got to find a job!


Anonymous said...

Is the pic of you?

Mary said...

No honey that's Monique, Jessica's friend. They use to work together at Pizza Hut a while back. Im in the picture at the top of the page. Thanks for your interest though :)


Anonymous said...

I thought so....but was a little confused when you posted that pic. lol. Hope things are going good

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. No update lately, what's been going on? Is Jules there yet? Prayers from Texas