Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dancing on the Ceiling!

So I've just been gettin' settled in here. I love it! I just really love it! I'm making good money and I made a few friends. This guy Jim comes by and we'll go eat breakfast at 2 pm. He's an older man that's retired form the post office, I danced for him about a dozen times before he asked me out for dinner. I told him "dinner I'm busy, but I like breakfast!" After that we just decided to be friends and now I don't make as much money off him, but I do have a good friend.

Dancing has got me back into good shape. You should see my legs!! Makes me feel good about myself, I know this job ain't suppose to do that but it does. I went to Metairie and did some shopping, got some shoes as always. It was fun to be out there just doing for myself. I tried to color my hair the other day with my other new friend, Lisa. She works at this bar I stop at on the way home from work. We're a lot alike, so we hit it off pretty good. We got a little drunk and tried to make my hair darker and now I look like Elvira. It looks good at night in a dark bar but during the day I like silly. Oh well not the first time that's happened!

Daddy calls me everyday, he's always worried about me. He thinks I'm gonna get back doing drugs again. I'm not trying to get mixed up again like that. No one is ever gonna just believe me when it comes to drugs, they'll always double guess me. Jessica said Terri has been talking shit about me, saying I'm a crackhead. That makes me so angry! I'm not getting in to this right now, I've got a good day going and some new shoes to wear!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing well. What's been going on in your life? Crazy busy here in tx.

As always prayers from texas