Monday, February 7, 2011

It is what it is...

It's a good day! Daddy's team won!!! Me, I lost the football pool at work now I need that money back! I bet $50 damn it :( oh well easy come easy go. I talked to daddy he said my cousin Jessica got a job! Her momma my aunt gaynelle, watches the baby for her, which is just fine for her she's crazy about that baby!!! They want me to come home and help babysit. They always got some reason to come home. They just don't understand. Daddy won't want me to whore it up at home and I ain't fit to work a regular job. This has been the struggle of my life. Stay at home in nowhere Kentucky, or live loose somewhere big? No sence in tryin to figure it out I've spent too long on it and I always end up like this.

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