Friday, February 18, 2011

Cheap paint and lumpy boobs.

Everyday is such a struggle. We went to Home Depot today and I bought some miss tint paint. Mr. Beef jerky needs his kitchen painted in a bad way and be in's he's a single man, he needs a womens touch. Besides it puts me in good with him. It looks good! See I got all kinds of skills! I've been trying to get him to take me to Daytona for race week, it's so much fun! I could probably get my old job back at the Shark's Lounge for a week or so. He won't do it, he don't like to leave Louisiana. I love it here too but I am a rambler, don't like to be anywhere too long. Dancing here is piss poor unless there's tourists.

I did talk to my daddy. He wants me to come home again. I just can't live in Kentucky, there ain't nothing there for me. He said aunt Gaynelle found a lump on her boob. He said they think it's cancer, if it is I'm going home. She's the only momma I ever had. My momma left when I was a baby. Don't care to know her, anyone leave a baby and run off with a truck driver is not worth my knowin'!

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