Thursday, July 26, 2012

Date night!

Getting ready for a date tonight! Damn I'm so broke! I got one pack of cigarettes left! I'm doing a GFE tonight, girl friend experience. So I'll dress myself in "normal" clothes. I'm not sure if jeans and heels with this glittery halter top is good. After all it is Vegas!! Maybe I'll get over this hangover and make some good money tonight. Jules has been busy which is good, it's $160 a week to stay here. I don't have but $3 :( I got enough sun today, that'll look nice under a halter top. The creepy guy hasn't been home since yesterday. Probably posted up in some crack house somewhere. He's real weird. He might be gay too, he doesn't look at me in that sexy way. First thing I'm getting after my date tonight, is an 18 pack of Bud. I'll drink this hangover away!

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