Friday, July 27, 2012

Dinner with Mr. Freddy

Good morning y'all! I actually had a real good time last night. I met Mr Freddy, at The Wynn that is one beautiful place. Security was watching me, they was sure thinking I was working. I was! I'm just too damn slick for them! After I wasted my laundry money on the slots, Mr. Freddy found me. He's a handsome older black man, just a touch of grey in his hair and a bunch of green in his pocket! He took me to dinner, we just talked most of the night. He is in Vegas a lot for work,he said he's divorced with two young daughters. Maybe it's true I don't care. Only wanted straight sex nothing else, very decent about it. He gave me $400 for my "time"!!! He'll I got plenty of time for Mr. Freddy!!! We did swap phone numbers, maybe we'll hook up again. Anyway, Jules was thrilled when I told her how much I got paid!!! Were going out tonight to see a Queen cover band!! I love Queen! Such an odd connection, I meet Mr. Freddy and Freddy Mercury is the singer of Queen!! Weird how things like that happen.

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