Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tree work and Daisey Dukes.

Can you run a chainsaw? I saw a man doing some tree work, he slipped and come right down on his left leg and damn near cut it off. My daddy does tree work, it made me think about him. He's all I got really. He's so far away. Anyhow, the tree guy will hopefully be ok. Jules use to do tree work but she was a grounds man. This is boring let's talk about something prettier!!! Went to the Goodwill after I saw that leg thing. Bought some old jeans and cut them off and made me some Daisey Dukes!! I ain't got much but I got a nice ass!! Jules tells me all the time!! I think she's sweet on me sometimes! Then finished my day in the pool floating along and drinking beer with the creepy guy, listened to him talk about his brother. His brother runs the company that supplies all the glass for Las Vegas casinos. Damn! That's a lot of glass!! Lots a green in that mans pocket! I wouldn't mind running in to him! I'll believe the creepy guy, what do I have left to loose?

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