Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lazy ....

Oh lord, I just woke up from a sound sleep! I'm lazy today. Jules is having a lazy day too, she has the day off. Thinking about going to the Good will. I need to get some fancier clothes. Like sequined tops and mini skirts. I need to update my country girl look!! Last night the creepy guy finally came back. He won't say he was smoking it up, but he's broke and moody as hell. I know cause I'm a recovering crackhead. Damn those are ugly words to see on here! No date tonight so far. Want to hear from Mr. Freddy. I'm gonna have cereal for now hoping to get a date to buy me dinner. Jules said to get two dates tonight I'll probably make $600 - $700 dollars like that. She'll drive me and be there waiting. And, to think I came back to Vegas to do this??? Everybody has to be good at something :)

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