Friday, August 10, 2012

Angry, mad, sad and tired.

Well Jules has pissed me off! She brought this smelly, nasty drunk back to the motel to stay the night!!! He's some friend of hers that works as a mechanic at the cab company. So she tells me he's down on his luck and needs some help, duh.... join the fucking crowd! Anyways, Kimmy the baby I been watching went off with her case worker from child protective services. Breaks my heart that child has to go into the foster system. She's such a sweet baby. Her dumb ass mother is in jail apparently three days of smoking crack was more important then her daughter. The motel manager said I could take anything I wanted from Kimmy's momma's room. He's throwing everything in the dumpster to get it ready for the next desperate soul. All that's in there is a bunch of ugly clothes that don't fit me. Oh and a gallon of milk left in the fridge. It must have been the last thing she bought for Kimmy. Someday Kimmy will want to know about her birth momma, nobody will know what happened three days before she left with CPS and her life changed forever. Nobody but me.

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