Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another date with Mr. Freddy :)

It's just Sunday. Jules and friend her Bryan blew up the cab. Run it slap out of oil! A mechanic dont know any better!!!! I hope Jules don't get fired. This guy Bryan is getting under my skin! He's got no place to live, and because he's an alcoholic he spends all his money drinking! Jules collects strays; cats, dogs, drunks it don't matter which! Anyway, I had a date last night with Mr. Freddy, he is so nice to me. When we go out it's like he's courting me! We eat somewhere, drinks etc. Then we go to the hotel he's staying at. We just watched tv and talked about places he gets to travel to. He said he likes my accent! After a while and some fancy wine that don't taste good we have sex, it's great very romantic. He tips well too, I made $400 enjoying the evening! Only need one date a night like that!!

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