Monday, August 6, 2012

Babysitting for a pill head :(

Hello everybody! Can you believe I'm babysitting??? Well there's this girl we kinda know she stay in room 215, we're in room 218. Anyhow she's trying to get her drivers license back so she went to the DMV about 6 hours ago. Something ain't right, I know the damn DMV is slow but this is crazy. Her daughter is so sweet, shes 4 and very smart. She totally needs attention and a mother who's not addicted to pills. How you gonna live in a cheap hotel with a 4 year old baby??? So here I sit chain smoking and pissed that I'm being taken advantage of! Someone is always taken advantage of me, I just can't say no to anyone. That's what makes me a good "lady of the evening"! Jules is working now but not tonight, I got one date set up for 8:30 Some new guy I hope he's not a cop. I could really use another pack of cigarettes, come on Jules get home!

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