Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheap dates, streetwalkers & slot machines

Oh lord what a night! Got one date but it was some cheap frat guy, I'm gonna start seeing older men only. Anyhow I had some money in my pocket and I wanted to hit the bar. I was talking to this girl I know from the street, her name is Tiffany. She is a mess, swears she don't do drugs but I know better then that. She walks back and forth in front of the motel I live at. I don't mind I ain't working the streets no more. Sometimes Jules gives her a cigarette or a beer just cause she feels sorry for her. Last night she was off the chain had a few Xanax with some nasty wine she dug out of her old back pack. Tiffany wanted some coke but how you gonna ask me who to hook up with to get some blow! Yeah drug free?!?! I'm no angel but duh, don't tell me you don't do drugs! She did get picked up so I didn't have to deal with that drama queen all night. I ended up gambling the night away, damn slot machines!

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