Friday, August 17, 2012

Hustle, hustle, hustle!

It's Friday night! Busy night so far I've been on 3 dates today! I'm sending some money home to my niece Jessica. She's taking care of her baby, going to school and working at pizza hut. Bless her heart she had no idea how her life would change when she had the baby! I'm thinking of moving out of this motel. Some bunch of wierdos moved in and I don't like 'em. I need to stop being mean but I'm trying to live in a comfortable place with nothing to worry about! I met a guy named Tom doing laundry, he had just moved here. I don't know where he's from but I'd like to know more about him. He's cute and tall, plenty of blonde hair. He lives at the Spade motel which is where I'm thinking about moving. No not just cause of him but this place is getting old. Jules is talking about working more at the cab company. I need her to drive me to my dates!?!? Some times she don't make any good sense. I guess neither do I sometimes :)

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