Monday, August 13, 2012

I can't complain about nothing today :)

One thing is for sure I love the pool at the motel! I'm in it so much my hair is getting blonde streaks! Other then that it's a dump here. Jules is off today, thank goodness she didn't get fired. That guy she's been hanging out with was suppose to take car of the cars at the cab company. He's just too stupid. I'm gonna take the bus up to mall later I need something and I don't know what it is yet! Lately Jules has been acting all sweet on me, like she wants to be my girlfriend? I mean I've done the girl thing before, it's good in a titty bar when you're trying to make that bank!! We're good friends and all but I'm just afraid if anything were to happen we'd lose our friendship. Anyway, I hope she gets that busted BBQ grill working I'm starving and a hamburger would hit the spot! So far, I got money in my pocket, I'm going to the mall, the pool is great for this 110 degree weather, and I see a grilled burger coming my way! Life is good today:)

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