Sunday, August 19, 2012

New neighbors & pizza with the big man.

Here I am again! I talked to daddy yesterday, he's doing fine. Been drinking more then working on anything. It's what he's done all his life and with what I do, I got no room telling daddy how to live. So you remember me saying I was gonna change motels? Well I didn't this is the only one for the price with a pool, and I need that it gets hot here! We did get some new people here. Now in room 218 there's an old lady and her sister. The sister is kind of a bitch but the older lady is nice. She'll talk with me by the pool about her family. They just like to travel on the cheap and see the world. I suppose I'll take that as an answer! None of my business neither way! I had a fun date last night! This guy was in town for a body piercing convention! Of all things! He wanted to meet me downstairs where the convention was being held. So I showed up from the bus, Jules is working tonight and they had her running so I took the bus. No big deal, anyhow see how I get side tracked??? So I met Philip downstairs in the hotel. Nice place! Philip is a big man,real heavy, probably near 350 lbs. Yes he's fat, no I don't care plus he's rolling with a lot of cash! We walked around the convention for a bit then went up to his room. Talked for a while, had pizza, had sex then I got paid just to talk and watch tv. I would hang out with him even if he wasn't paying me! So sweet and gentle, all men could hope to be like Phillip. I only made $200, it was easy money. My daddy use to say there's no such thing as easy money. But I know there is, in this type of work anyhow!

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